Denver Post Community Foundation

Pedal The Plains

September 13th - 15th, 2019

One of the best ways to be involved with Pedal The Plains without actually riding it is to volunteer!

This year, PTP will travel to Lamar, Holly, Springfield and back to Lamar over 3 days. Come visit the Southeastern Colorado Plains with us.

Key Dates:
- Volunteer Meeting in the Denver area before the tour (Late August / Early September)
- Onsite Orientation will take place Thursday September 12th in the afternoon.

Some of the benefits to volunteering:

- Discounts on lodging for the weekend
- Meal coupons for the Community Meals in each town
- Crew clothing to wear throughout the weekend – (long sleeve, tshirts, and a hat)
- Detailed instructions and training for each position. There will be one pre-tour orientation in the Denver-area before the tour and an on-site orientation.
- A fuel card to cover fuel costs during the Tour, sponsored by Suncor
- CPR certified – PTP will set up CPR certification classes in the Denver area / reimburse up to $50 of a CPR certification class
- A chance to see Eastern Colorado! Visit with the people, eat delicious home-grown food, and grow an appreciation for how beautiful and vast the Eastern Plains can be.

As a Denver Post Community Foundation volunteer for Ride The Rockies, we ask that you agree to:
-abide by the policies and procedures of the organization
-attend scheduled orientation and training meetings where appropriate
-notify the appropriate person in a timely manner if unable to volunteer
-hold as confidential any private information obtained directly or indirectly concerning our participants

As employees for the Denver Post Community Foundation and Ride The Rockies, we agree to:
-provide you with your choice of assignment where possible
-provide orientation, training, supervision and guidance to you
-provide the tools needed to complete the assigned jobs and tasks
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